Hit the bullseye every time

Voyado gets your message to the right people at the right time. That’s why it’s the #1 CRM and marketing automation platform around.

Hit the bullseye every time

This is how Voyado works

Voyado is the complete customer loyalty platform for retailers and retail brands. It joins all your customer data with world-class analysis and communication tools so that you can create one-on-one conversations with your customers. Let us show you how Voyado can help you.

Customer Cloud

This is how you get to know your customers, it’s the heart of your CRM. Voyado collects all your customer data in the cloud, whether it's from online, offline or external sources. The platform gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. Narrow down to smaller segments, even micro ones, to ensure that your message stays relevant, and is truly personal.


Data is nothing without analysis. Voyado produces detailed reports about your customers’ behavior, so that you can evaluate your marketing efforts and identify new trends and segments. The reports range from average purchase value to frequency of visits to sales by products. It’s also possible to integrate Microsoft’s Power BI or other analysis tools, such as QlikView.

Campaign engine

This is where you make use of the customer segments created in Voyado Customer Cloud so that you can easily send tailored messages to each customer. Voyado sends the campaigns to your segmented, desired audiences via email, sms, and social media.

With Voyado, it’s easy to see the success of your campaigns, to test your messages and see which one has the highest ROI for each segment. Thanks to the POS and e-commerce integration, you can tell what makes people to take action both online and offline.

Gamification & rewards

The best customer is a loyal and engaged one. With Voyado, you can reward your customers for their loyalty and communicate it to them in real time by using Gamification tools or Vouchers. Maybe a customer reaching a specific rewards level is made a gold member, or maybe you want to steer customers into using a service – such as getting a special treatment for their new shoes – to make them visit your store? You’re in charge. You decide what is rewarded, whether it's a purchase from a specific brand or an interaction on one of your social media accounts.

Marketing automation

The data in Voyado Customer Cloud provides you with enough knowledge for you to manage the customer lifecycle. With precisely defined customer segments, and thanks to the AI-powered platform with predictive analysis, you can proceed to create intelligent, automated communication that reaches each customer with information that’s relevant to them, whether they are at the beginning of their customer lifecycle, or a long-time loyal customer.

Personal offers

We all want to feel special. Unique. Nothing delivers that message like personal offers that arrive at the right moment. The promotions don’t have to be monetary either. They can be services, such as tailoring pants after purchase, or a shoe treatment. The key is that they’re tailored to the segment that meets the criteria so that it’s essentially a one-on-one communication.

What's under the hood of Voyado?

That's a frequently asked question and here's the answer to it.

A scalable database

The Voyado scalable database ensures that your system will continue to perform flawlessly and in real time even as the volume of data increases.

The amazing Voyado Connect

The array of APIs and plug-ins are continually developed and updated and can be integrated with practically any other system, data source, or software.