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The easiest way to loyal customers

Building a profitable loyalty program is a dream for most companies.
But few have the required tools.

Voyado is so easy to use that you can pilot every customer journey on your own. No loyalty system is so powerful and still so user-friendly when you want to strengthen your customer relations and use data to increase sales, cut costs and reach maximal profitability.

Voyado CRM

Get to know your customer with smarter CRM.

Why does one customer buy less and another more? How can you act on your insights? What can you do to increase the value of being a member in your loyalty program? The answer is; a lot. Voyado givs you a 360 degree view of your customers and you can create customer profiles that will help you review and reward your most profitable members. Knowledge about your customer is one of your most important tool in building customer loyalty.  

We can help you increase customer knowledge. 
Thus increase profitability.  

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Unified Commerce

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Voyado Unified Commerce

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One customer journey. All channels.

It's not easy to make a loyalty program more profitable if your customer's data are spread over several platforms. Call it omni channel or unified commerce, in Voyado all information regarding your client is gathered in one and the same place. The data can be updated in real time, giving you great opportunities to communicate segmented and more relevant, no matter what channel, thus increasing the customer's experience.

Voyado makes it easier to recruit new customers in all contexts. 

  • Mobile registration
  • Via apps
  • At your website or via e-commerce
  • SMS/text message registration
  • At the checkout
  • iPad/shop

Campaign Management

Create irresistible offers.

Voyado Campaign Management

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Smarter campaigns create better sales.

Upsell does not happen just because you happen to wow your customers with great discounts, two-for-ones and double points. Too much of that can have the opposite effect and increase churn. The goal is to create relevant offers that you know your client wants, at a time where the need to buy is at a peak. Voyado gathers your customer insights and allows you to segment on a number of variables, such as purchase history, demographics and campaign outcomes.  

Do you know when a customer is near a second purchase. We'll increase your chances of upsell through various channels:

  • Via mobile (SMS/text and/or swipe)
  • Directly at the checkout
  • Via apps
  • e-commerce
  • Physical bonus vouchers and discount codes
  • Electronically via email

Marketing Automation

You are not a machine.
But our servers are.

Voyado Marketing Automation

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What are the important events in your customer life cycle?

Maximal customer loyalty with minimal effort. One of your most important goal with your loyalty work is also one of the hardest to reach. That's why you need Marketing Automation. However, automated flows does not automatically drive sales or make customers more satisfied. The key is to increase relevance. In Voyado, you can create marketing automation based on customer behaviour. You can set your automated flows so that they are run by customer activity, and you can choose how many times you want a customer to end up in a flow. You simply set your triggers that need to be activated - and the system does the rest.

Customer Insight

Whoever knows
the most
sells the most.

Voyado Customer Insight

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What insights did your last campaign give you?

You simply cannot know too much about your customer. The more you know, the easier you can be relevant. Voyado contains a powerful reporting tool that provides you with valuable insights about your customers' behaviour. You can see average spend, visit frequency, a list of most purchased products and much more data that you can use to increase profitability. It's easy to evaluate campaigns and identify new trends, segments or patterns that will help you nurture your customers even better.


Loyalty Management

Give back to those who deserve it the most.

Voyado Loyalty Management

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How do you define profitable loyalty?

Bonuses and discounts will always be important for rewarding active customers. But today you need to do more. You need to confirm customer engagement on the go, preferrably when the client least expect it. You also need control over rewards, non redeemed bonuses, offers that hasn't been used etc. In Voyado you have a built-in bonus calculator that gives you information about the customer's balance, regardless of how you have formatted your bonus system. This means you can focus on your message, added value and rewards instead of the technology.


Voyado POS App

Your customer is in your store.
Are you?

Voyado POS App

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Smart cashier app boosts customer experience.

It needs to be easy for the cashiers to help the customer. Voyado has a standalone POS module that shows current offers, bonus balances and e-commerce history, among other things. It's easy for your staff to be pro-active and to register new customers. The module is web-based and is compatible with most POS systems on the market. All you need is internet access.

Voyado Mobile

Always by the customer's side

Voyado Mobile

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The mobile is a relationship channel. Not a sales tool.

Today, more decisions and transactions happen directly in the mobile. It's a important tool in each client's purchase process, as long as you build relations, not drive intensive sales campaigns. With a relevant mobile presence you can open a window to your world, follow each step in a customer journey, maintain a close dialogue and make it easy for a consumer to become a member. Voyado has a well-developed support for communicating directly via apps and handles everything from registration to campaigns and bonuses. Via the app, customers always has access to all their benefits in one place and you get to learn even more about their buying behaviors when using the mobile.

Voyado in the cloud

Make sure you are backed-up by the best

Voyado is based on Microsoft's Azure cloud solution. This makes it easy to scale up the system as required, but also to integrate with the market's most common channels. In the same way, we have established partnerships with the industry's leading distributors of content, SMS/text and e-mail delivery. We will make every customer journey safe in a secure IT environment.

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