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This is Voyado

What would you do if you had your customer data at your fingertips? Well, there’s an easy way to find out, while optimizing your loyalty program and mapping the customer journey. The answer is Voyado.

Voyado collects information from each touchpoint – online, offline and from external sources – and structures it in the cloud. The AI-driven data platform provides a 360-degree view of your customers.

Data is nothing without analysis. Our AI evaluates your customer data and makes it easy to get personal. Learn how your customers behave, what they want and what they don’t.

This is where you really reap the benefits of Voyado. Enjoy an easy-to-use marketing automation tool that continuously manages personalized customer journeys without you having to lift a finger.

Voyado Connect lets you make use of all of the intelligence in the marketing ecosystem by integrating with best-of-breed platforms, systems and intelligences. Exchange information with different APIs and reap the rewards of creating a unified commerce.

Reward your customers in real time by using gamification, offer tokens to returning customers, create member levels and distribute reward points for particular activities and achievements.
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The Voyado world

We truly believe in our platform and that our passion for getting results is what makes Voyado the best solution. Then again, you’d expect us to say that, but we know it’s not all mere talk. In recent years, we’ve seen an impressive growth in the number of Voyado customers. Here are some of them.

Our ecosystem

The Voyado ecosystem consists of world class partners. Together, we make our expertise work for you so that you can focus on your business and your customers.